A Foggy Time of Year

During this time of year we often have fog in the San Joaquin Valley.

Tule fog, central valley, san joaquin valley, foggy, low visibilityThe dense ground fog is known as Tule Fog and is very common from November to March.

Visibility in the Tule Fog can drop to very low levels and is responsible for many traffic accidents.

Fog, Trees in Fog, Driving in FogSome of the accidents have been very large. One accident back in the 2000’s involved over 100 cars and more than a dozen big rigs.

Foggy Valley, Central Valley, Trees in FogI am always very careful driving in fog. I try not to drive in the Tule Fog and will avoid it if all possible, especially if it is dark.

Foggy Drive, Central Valley, California, Foggy DayI also tend to use the country roads when it is foggy. There is a lot less traffic and it is not moving as fast as on the Interstate. However, you still have to be careful as there are crossroads and slow moving farm equipment at times.

This evening on my way home from the grocery store I drove through some fog, so I hope it will not be too bad in the morning.

Be careful out there.




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2 Responses to A Foggy Time of Year

  1. We have cousins in Los Angeles area and around Stockton. They tell me it’s a beautiful part of the area.

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