Gate Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Gate Quiz.

All of these gates are in Turkey. I will give a little information about each of them.

Gate 1 is one of the grand entrances to Hattusha the Hittite Capital. This is known as the Lion Gate. You can see the two large lions on each side of the entrance.

Gate 2Gate 2 is also at Hattusha and is known as the Sphinx gate. Archaeologists believe that it was influenced by contact with the Egyptians, who were thought to be trading partners.

Gate 3 is known as Hadrian’s Gate. This gate is in Antalya and was built in 131-132 AD to commemorate his visit there. The Emperor Hadrian traveled extensively during his life.

He is also know for his many building projects. You have probably heard of Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England, but there are also many other building projects in the Roman Empire that he was responsible for. He also rebuilt Jerusalem and if you know where to look you can still see some of the construction from that time.

Gate 4 is at Tarsus and is known as Cleopatra’s Gate. This gate was built long after Cleopatra visited Tarsus but is built on foundations of an older gate that would have been there at that time.

Since this is in Tarsus, the home of Saul, the gate is also known as Paul’s Gate.

Gate 5 is not a structure, but rather a natural gateway. The Gulek Pass is known as the Cilician Gates, so I included it in the quiz. This pass through the Taurus Mountains is at an elevation of almost 3,500 feet.

This gateway has been the main route between the East and West through the centuries. At the time of Paul the pass was not as wide and also a more difficult road to traverse. It would have taken days to pass through the mountains between the Cilician Plains and the Anatolian Plateau.

I hope you enjoyed the quiz.



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  1. Do this again. Mountain ranges, caves, forests.

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