Leeper Farm Schedule

Earlier this week I wrote a post about the Leeper Land in Henry County, Iowa.

Henry County Iowa, Trenton Township, Absalom Leeper, Iowa, ancestorTonight I will share what Absalom Leeper had on his farm. Another great genealogy resource is the Census Non-Population schedules.

1850, Absalom Leeper, Farm Schedule, AgricultureThis Schedule 4 – Products of Agriculture is from 1850.

1850, Absalom Leeper, Farm Schedule, AgricultureIt was interesting to see what Absalom had on his farm in 1850.

The farm had 80 acres of improved land and 200 acres of unimproved land.

The cash value of the farm was $2,000 and the value of his farm machinery and implements was $100.

Now for the animals. Absalom had 5 horses, 2 milch cows, 3 other cattle, 25 sheep and 70 swine. The value of the animals was $350.

I did notice that on the page Absalom was on that he had the most swine.

For produce, Absalom had a harvest of 150 bushels of wheat, 1,800 bushels of Indian corn and 100 bushels of oats.

1850, Absalom Leeper, Farm Schedule, AgricultureThe schedule covers two pages and here are the headings for the second page.

1850, Absalom Leeper, Farm Schedule, AgricultureAbsalom had 56 pounds of wool from his sheep and produced 200 pounds of butter from the milk of his milch cows.

He also cut 3 tons of hay.

The value of his home-made manufactures was $75 and the slaughtered animals $100.

Quite an interesting mix of animals and products from the farm.

I have seen farm schedules for some of my other ancestors so may have to compare some of them in a future post.




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