First Fill Up for Bluey

Tonight I stopped at the gas station to fill up Bluey for the first time.

first fill up, bluey, gas station, gas tankWhen I picked up Bluey the car had a full tank of gas. Now after almost two months it was time to fill up the tank again.

Bluey, driving range, EV, Plug-in HybridI still had a range of 71 miles which would probably last me to the weekend, but decided that tonight would be the time to visit the gas station.

power gauge, ev, plug-in hybrid, 98.3 mpgHere you can see that the fuel gauge is nearing empty.

I don’t remember exactly how many miles Bluey had at delivery, but here you can see that I am at 1,212.6 miles at the first fill-up. After getting less than 300 miles on a tank of gas with Old Blue this is a big improvement. I could only dream of getting 98.3 mpg. Of course, this is mostly because of charging Bluey’s batteries each night.

easy fill, capless fuel tank, filling tank, Ford FusionIt was also a bit interesting to fill up the tank as it has a ‘Capless’ fueling system. Of course, I had seen this before in the Ford Fusion that I rented while back in Nebraska and Iowa for my niece’s wedding.

First fill up, ford fusion, 1200 milesSince I bought Bluey I have spent two weeks in Germany and also spent a lot of time at home over the holidays. If I am not traveling I think that I will be filling the gas tank about once a month, which is much better than four times a month with Old Blue.

Now to see how long this tank will last. The display says that have a range of 712 miles. These are the hybrid mode miles, so it depends on how many times I charge Bluey before the next fill up.



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2 Responses to First Fill Up for Bluey

  1. It looks like you will be more than satisfied with this car.

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