My Big Sis

I am thinking of my big sister tonight. It is that time of year again for her to celebrate.

It also means it is time to share a few pictures of us together.

sister, scarves, trip, birthdayI really like this picture that was taken of us wearing scarves. I don’t get to wear scarves very often here in California, but it is an essential item when visiting the Midwest in the wintertime.

uncle, siblings, sister, cowboy hatNow for some even older pictures. Here is a wonderful picture of us with our Uncle.

hamilton street, stairs, siblings, big sis, two of meThis picture reminds me of the wonderful staircase in the house we grew up in back in Ottumwa, Iowa. The house was built by a carpenter for himself and his family and had some wonderful woodwork. This is also a double picture of me.

I am also notice my untied shoes, which was pretty common before I learned how to tie double knots. It was a good thing I had a big sister to help tie my shoes.

Aunt, niece and nephew, BridesmaidI was also thinking of this picture earlier this week because the Aunt we are with here celebrated a milestone birthday.

Siblings on trike, tricycle, big sister, floppy red hatSince I am sharing pictures of my Sister and I together, I can’t leave out one of my favorites. I love the big red hat in this picture.

I love you Sis and hope you have a wonderful birthday.



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