Punting on the Cam

Today my mind wandered to Cambridge. I have been thinking about a trip that I made there a little more than ten years ago.

One of the reasons I am thinking about Cambridge is because I mentioned it in a post that I wrote on Tuesday evening. See Research Reading IV

I also found out today that I may have to make a trip to England soon. I don’t know if I will be in Cambridge, but that is where our office is so it may be on the list of places that I visit.

While looking through some pictures I took during the visit to Cambridge I found an interesting series.

Punting, Cam River, Cambridge, boating, puntPunting is boating in a small flat bottomed boat that is called a punt. The punter stands on a small platform at the back of the boat and uses a long pole to push the boat along.

Punter, Punt, Punting, Cambridge, Boating, Cam RiverThe river that flows through Cambridge is the River Cam. Here you can see a punt full of passengers and the punter standing on the platform. You can see the long pole that the punter uses to propel the boat forward.

River Cam, Punting, Punt, Cambridge, Cambridge UniversityYou have to look closely to see it, but I really like the line of geese that are swimming in front of the punt on the right.

Cambridge, Bridges, Punters, Cambridge University, River CamThis picture is neat because you can see two of the stone bridges that cross the River Cam. There are quite a few punts in this picture as well.

Punting, Punter, Punt, Cambridge, River CamHere is a little closer view of  a punter. You can see the technique of how the pole is used in this picture. The pole is about 16 feet long, so you can get an idea of how deep the water is here.

I doubt that I would have time for a punt tour if I make it to Cambridge, but I did look and they operate 364 days a year. The only day that they don’t punt is just eight days away.

Have you ever been punting?




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