A New Hotel

After my first two days in Cambridge I have moved to a new hotel. This of course was planned as I needed to be closer to downtown and the railway station over the weekend. It is also a new hotel that has only been open since September.

Ibis Hotel, Cambridge, UK, New HotelThe new Ibis hotel is quite large with 231 rooms and is just across a small plaza from the Cambridge railway station. I remember seeing it under construction when I was here last year.

Ibis Check-in, No Front Desk, New HotelI was a bit confused when I walked into the lobby of the hotel. I did not see a place to check in. However, I quickly spotted Leonardo who was wearing a Check-In With Me shirt. He checked me in using a mobile device and I was soon on the way to my room.

A quite modern way to check in.

Cambridge, UK, Ibis, Hotel RoomMy room had a quite modern feel to it, and was fairly large by UK standards. I have plenty of room to move around without bumping into the furniture.

One interesting thing that the room is lacking is a phone. Of course, I rarely use a phone in a hotel room, but what if I needed to ask for a foam pillow or extra towels?

How do you contact the front desk? You use the wi-fi with your phone or computer and use a chat app on their web page.

Ibis Hotel Bathroom module, Cambridge, UKThe bathroom reminds me of some that I see in Japan. It looks to be a pre-fab capsule that is manufactured off-site and then placed into the room during construction. A good way to shorten construction time at the site.

You step up into the bathroom, so I have to make sure I remember to step down when I go out 🙂

Cambridge Train Station, UK Railway

I have two nights here and then it is on to Sheffield for the next course I am teaching. Today I will visit some of the colleges of Cambridge University.

Above is the Cambridge station where I will be catching a train on Sunday. This will even out my arrivals and departures from the station.

The first time I came to Cambridge I came and left by train. (See: Punting on the Cam)

Last year I arrived by train  and left by car (By Car or by Train), and this year it is the reverse (Long Travel Day to Cambridge).

Now to get some breakfast and start wandering.






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