Floating Holiday

On Wednesday I will be taking a Floating Holiday.

Cauvery Boat Ride, Mysore, India, KarnatakaThis does not mean that I will be Boating on the Cauvery.

Porter's Lake, Shenandoah, Iowa, Nishna Valley Playground, YMCANor will I be Boating at Porter’s.

Galilee boat ride, Replica boat, First Century, eco boatI will not be floating in a boat on the Sea of Galilee.

River Cam, Punting, Punt, Cambridge, Cambridge UniversityOr, Punting on the Cam.

Feet, Shoes, Cruise, Celebrity Cruise, Infinity Cruise BoatI will not have my feet up while on a Cruise.

Floating over Cappadocia, Hot Air Balloon, Turkey, Cappadocia, Rock FormationsIt would be nice to be Floating Over Cappadocia, but that is not where I will be.

Instead, I am just taking a day off of work. Each year we get three floating holidays. They are the equivalent of personal days. Since I work for a company with many cultures we have the floating holidays so that each culture can take off days that are special to them. I have not used mine yet this fiscal year and I must use them before the end of September.

So, tomorrow I will pick up my new glasses, get a haircut, go to the library, take a couple long walks and get caught up on a few other things.

No floating though.


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