Cambridge Reflections

Tonight I am a bit jet lagged and decided to just share some reflection pictures that I took last Saturday in Cambridge, England.

If you have been following my blog you know that I like reflections.

River Cam, Cambridge, England, Reflections, Coe FenWinter is a nice time to get good reflections of trees in water. The building in the background is the Double Tree by Hilton. However, this reflection is of a single tree.

The tree is reflected in the River Cam.

Trees reflecting, river cam, Cambridge, Coe FenHere are more trees reflected in the River Cam. In the summer time this stretch of the river would probably be full of people punting. See my post: Punting on the Cam

This section of the river flows through an area called Coe Fen and is just south of The Backs.

River Cam, Cambridge, UK, Trees, reflectionsHere are a few more reflections in the River Cam. You can see that river narrows at this spot. It also splits, and water flows on both sides of Robinson Crusoe Island that you see at the right of the picture.

Robinson Crusoe Island, Bridge, Cambridge, Coe FenFrom the Fen Causeway, I took a picture of the Crusoe Bridge which allows you to cross to Robinson Crusoe Island.

I really like the reflection of the bridge in the water.

City Centre Sign, Reflections, CambridgeFrom the Coe Fen I crossed the Fen Causeway and headed back toward the City Centre to visit the Fitzwilliam Museum.

On the way I spotted this interesting reflection. The sign is upside down in the puddle, but at least the arrow points in the right direction.  Or is it the left direction?

I hope that you enjoyed these reflections.


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