A Walk around Cambridge

Today I took a walk around Cambridge. I ended up walking about nine miles today in my wanderings.

Christ College, Cambridge, Richard BernardMy first stop today was Christ’s College. This is where my 11th great grandfather Richard Bernard went to school in the late 16th century. See: Christ’s College Cambridge

Great Saint Mary's CambridgeThe next stop was Great Saint Mary’s which was the city church and also the meeting place for the students of the University for debates and other events.

Jericho, Cambridge, Archaeology and Anthropology Museum, Katherine Kenyon

I then visited the Archaeology and Anthropology museum and was able to see some of the pottery found by Katherine Kenyon at Jericho.

Pembroke College, Cambridge, Roger Williams

After stopping by the museum I went around the corner to Pembroke College which is where my 10th great grandfather Roger Williams went to college in the early 1600’s.

See: A Visit to Pembroke College

University Ivy, Cambridge University, Red Leaves

I really liked seeing some of the ivy covered walls of the University. This was one of the best examples.

Bishop Laud, Family Enemy, FitzWilliam Museum

After a light lunch at Fitzbillies I went to the Fitzwilliam Museum. One of the things that I really wanted to see again was the portrait of Bishop Laud by Anthony van Dyck.

Bishop Laud is responsible for several of my ancestors leaving England for America. You could say that he was the family enemy.

Punting on the Cam, Cambridge, River Cam

I also wandered along the Cam River and watched people Punting on the Cam. It was interesting to watch people try to maneuver the boats. The guys on the right were having so much trouble.

As it started to get dark it started to rain, but I was lucky enough to time my visit to Nando’s to miss most of the rain shower that passed through Cambridge.

Now to finish packing so I can take the train to London in the morning.


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