Banana M&M’s

This evening while cleaning out one of my carry-on bags I found the bag of Banana M&M’s that I had bought while I was in Australia.

Banana Flavor, Banana M&M's, M&M's, Flavored M&M'sI have a small collection of M&M items, including some packages from around the world. However, it is not often when I chance upon a flavor of M&M’s that are not available in the US.

Here you can see that there are New Banana M&M’s.

Banana M&M's, Australian M&M's, M&M flavorsIf you look in the picture above you can see the end of a website address with the .au domain. This shows that the package is from Australia.

I like Ms. Green unzipping the banana character.

M&M's, Banana M&M's ,Flavors, BananaTonight I opened the package and tried the Banana M&M’s. The M&M’s were shades of yellow and brown and had a deep banana flavor. However, this is one of those flavors that you eat a few at a time and come back later for more. You don’t want to overload the flavor.

What is the most interesting M&M flavor that you have run across?


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2 Responses to Banana M&M’s

  1. Melody says:

    What is your favorite most unique flavor M&M that you enjoy Steve?

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