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Lucy Maude Montgomery

Today is the anniversary of the birth of Lucy Maude Montgomery. She was born on Prince Edward Island on November 30, 1874.

L. M. Montgomery is best known for writing Anne of Green Gables, but also wrote many other novels and short stories. I have been slowly collecting and reading her novels and short stories.

L. M. Montgomery Shelf, Canada, Prince Edward Island, Anne of Green GablesHere is my main L. M. Montgomery shelf. These are all paperbacks, although I do have some hardbacks in my collection. In this collection I have 25 titles. There are 23 on the shelf and then 2 laying on top of the books on the shelf below. I need a longer shelf 🙂

The shelf starts with the eight volume Anne of Green Gables series. I recently finished reading through the series again, and finished Rilla of Ingleside during my recent trip to Canada.

L.M. Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables - Anne of the Island - Anne's House of Dreams - Further Chronicles of AvonleaHere are some of the hardback copies I have of L. M. Montgomery’s books. Someday I would like to find more of this edition.

Emily of New Moon, L. M. Montgomery, Novels, literature, Canada, Prince Edward IslandDuring my trip to Australia this month I started to read through the Emily series. The first of the series is Emily of New Moon. Like Anne, Emily is also an orphan. However, Emily goes to live with the family of her mother instead of going first to an orphanage. I really enjoy the family stories that are told in this book as she goes to live with her aunts who she had never met. Emily is a budding poetess and writer and it is interesting to see how she develops her talent. I am sure that this story is semi-autobiographical.

I finished this book as I boarded the plane for home and then started the next one.

L. M. Montgomery, Emily Climbs, Emily Novels, Canada, Prince Edward IslandNext in the series is Emily Climbs. I have just started reading this, but it follows Emily’s teenage years as she goes to school to become a teacher.

Emily's Quest, L. M. Montgomery, Canada, Emily Books, Prince Edward IslandThe third book of the Emily trilogy is Emily’s Quest. This book follows Emily through young adulthood and her quest to become a published writer. It promises to be a good read from what I have read about it.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy and am trying to decide whether to move them up on my reading list. I usually save these books for travel, but they may have to be read sooner.

I may even read a bit more of Emily Climbs tonight to celebrate the birthday of L. M. Montgomery.

Have you read any of L. M. Montgomery’s books?



Flora at the Zoo

Tonight I will share a few pictures of flora at the zoo. I had thought about adding this post to my Flowers at the Zoo series, but since I am including a picture that doesn’t have a flower I thought I would use a different title.

Last weekend I visited the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Whenever I visit a zoo I not only look at the animals, but also the environment that has been created for them.

Yellow Hibiscus, Flower at Zoo, Flora at a zooI will start with a beautiful yellow hibiscus. I was focused on getting a picture of the flower center, so you do not see the entire flower. However, you do get a nice look at some of the details in the petals. This makes me think of a post titled Hemispheric Hibiscus.

Fern, Fauna at Zoo, Taronga Zoo, vascular plants, frondsThere are a lot of ferns at the Taronga Zoo. Here is one where the fiddleheads are unrolling into fronds. I really like the geometric progression of the fronds. They are amazing in their symmetry.

Kniphofia, Red Hot Poker Plant, FlowersI saw this kniphofia bloom at the zebra compound. This plant is more commonly known as the red hot poker. They are striking and the color really stands out. They are great flowers for attracting bees and hummingbirds.

Orchid, flowers, zoo, bloomsFor these last two pictures I do not have an identification. I do not have time tonight to search for them, but perhaps some of my readers may be able to identify them. I was thinking that maybe this was a type of orchid, but nothing like it showed up in a quick google search.

Unfortunately, the flowers at the zoo do not always have identifications and graphics about them like the animals do.

In any case, I really like this group of flowers. They are native to Malaysia or Southeast Asia as that was the area of the zoo where I found them.

Yellow black flowers, Taronga Zoo, flowers at the zoo, flower identificationI would really like to know what this flower is as it is really interesting how they open up. I like the contrast of the yellow and black as they are opening.

I guess I will just have to keep my eye out for an identification. Hopefully someone will see this and let me know what it is.

I hope that you enjoyed these flowers and fauna from the zoo.

Now to try and get some sleep. Unfortunately I am not tired, but need to get back on schedule.