Cracker Barrel in Fresno?

For months now rumors have been circulating about where Cracker Barrel will be opening locations in California.

Cracker Barrel, Country Store, Travel Food, CaliforniaThe first rumor was about a location in the Sacramento area. See: Cracker Barrel in California?

Next was a news report that the first California location would be in Victorville which is on I-5 north of the LA metro area. See: First California Cracker Barrel Location

It is very probable that Victorville will be the first California location as there are now job postings for two managers for the Victorville location posted on Cracker Barrel’s employment site.

Fresno California, Cracker Barrel, California Cracker BarrelThere have been some rumors about a location in Fresno, but this month more information has come out in the news. The Fresno Bee has reported that Cracker Barrel has signed a lease for a location on Herndon Avenue.

*maps in this post are from Google Maps

Fresno, California, Cracker Barrel, Google Maps, Herndon CaliforniaThe Cracker Barrel would be just off of Highway 99 in the Marketplace at El Paseo shopping center.

El Paseo Cracker Barrel, Herndon, California, Fresno, Coming SoonFor some time the Marketplace at El Paseo website has shown that Cracker Barrel will be coming soon and they also show the location within their shopping center.

Construction Site, Cracker Barrel, California Cracker Barrel, Fresno, HerndonHere is a clip from Google Maps of where the Cracker Barrel is to be built. It will be interesting to see how long it will be until construction starts. If you see work starting or signs go up at the location please take pictures and send them to me.

The rumors are proving to be true. Now to just watch for more locations.

Where will the next rumor come from?

Hopefully from Stockton, Modesto or Tracy.


July 23 Update: Recent news reports say that Cracker Barrel is no longer opening a restaurant at this location.



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