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Dinner in Aalen

Tonight we had dinner at the oldest tavern in Aalen, Germany.

This is not the Oldest Restaurant that I have eaten at, but would be at least in the top five.

Aalen Germany, Bierhalle, dinnerWe asked around to find out the best place to get some traditional Swabian food, which is the regional cuisine. We received several recommendations for the Bierhalle.

The Bierhalle was founded in 1686 and has served the community of Aalen since that time.

Have you ever eaten in a restaurant that is more than 330 years old?

Dinner Salad, Vegetable salad, Aalen BierhalleOur meal started with a salad. This looks like a simple bowl of greens, but underneath are different vegetables.

Swabian specialty, spatzle, Aalen BierhallFor my meal I chose the schnitzel with spätzel. It is the spätzel that really makes this dish a Swabian specialty.

Spätzel is a soft egg noodle that in this case have been put through a Spätzlepresse which is very similar to a potato ricer.

The meal was really good and I enjoyed every bite.

Bierhall Aalen, Decorations, beer signsThe decor of the Bierhalle was very nice with a very homey atmosphere. A wonderful place to relax while eating some homemade comfort food.

Aalen Germany, 330 year old restaurant, Swabian FoodHere is the view as we were leaving the Bierhalle. When the weather is warmer I am sure that the outside seating area is full of hungry patrons who appreciate the wonderful food.

Now to get some sleep before the long journey home tomorrow.