First California Cracker Barrel Location

Last week several news sites announced where the first Cracker Barrel in California will be located.

However, it will be interesting to see if it really will be the first one to open.

In two of my recent posts, California Cracker Barrel? and Cracker Barrel in California? I shared other news about the possibility of Cracker Barrel coming to California.

Cracker Barrel, Country Store, Travel Food, CaliforniaThe news last week stated that the first Cracker Barrel in California will be in Victorville.

Victorville California, First California Cracker BarrelVictorville is on Interstate 15 just north of the Los Angeles metro area and on the heavily traveled route to Las Vegas.

I checked to see how far away Victorville is from me and it is only about 360 miles. Which is just a bit closer than the 500+ miles to Las Vegas or Kingman, Arizona which are currently the closest Cracker Barrel locations.

California Cracker Barrel, Las Vegas Cracker Barrel, Kingman Arizona Cracker Barrel I looked back at the map I used in my California Cracker Barrel? post to show the closest locations to California. I was just 30 miles off on the placement of the star in this map that I clipped from the Cracker Barrel location page. Of course, I wasn’t trying to predict the first location 🙂

Will Victorville be the first? That is a good question since Sacramento has also had an application made for a site there. I am sure that we will see more news soon and also an official announcement from Cracker Barrel.

Update 5/26: There are now two jobs for Restaurant managers for the Victorville location posted on Cracker Barrel’s employment site.

I will be glad when they do finally come to California. I am looking forward to a good Chicken Fried Chicken dinner.


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