Daily Archives: May 4, 2017

Tulips in Aalen

During a walk last night in Aalen I took a few tulip pictures.

Aalen Germany, Tulips, classic house, brick houseHere is a beautiful old brick house with a flower garden in front of it. The garden is full of tulips.

German tulips, spring, aalen germanyI really like the mix of colors here. the purple, red and white blooms look really nice together.

Tulip garden, aalen germany, springHere is one more view of the garden. I am sure that during different times of the year the shrub lined beds are full of seasonal flowers.

Yellow Tulips, Aalen, GermanyHere are some beautiful yellow tulips in a window box. I had to reach up to get this picture.

aalen germany, tulips, springHere are some more beautiful tulips in a pedestrian area. They are definitely a sign of spring.

Now off to work.