Daily Archives: May 3, 2017

A Glimpse of Aalen

I am not seeing much of Aalen while I am staying here this week. My days start early and end late as my team works toward finalizing an important project.

However, I have taken some pictures in the evening after returning from the office.

Aalen Train Station, DB, German Train Station

I took this picture after returning from the office on Tuesday night. This is the Aalen train station. The upper half of the building is glowing with light from the setting sun.

Aalen Germany, Play ground, play park, evening picturesThere are some very interesting parks and playgrounds in Aalen. This playground is near the hotel I am staying in. I would like to see this playground some day when the trees have leaves.

Aalen, Ibis Hotel, GermanyHere is the ibis Styles Hotel that I am staying at here in Aalen. The hotel has a very modern look.

Now for some buildings with a very old fashioned look.

Half Timbered house, Aalen, GermanyI have always liked the look of half-timbered houses. There is no time at the moment to talk about the architecture of half-timbered houses. For tonight you only get pictures that show their beauty.

Half Timbered Houses, Aalen, Germany, ArchitectureHere is a view of a half-timbered house down an alley. It was a beautiful view and I just had to take a picture. I like the way the house is glowing in reflected light.

Now for some sleep as I have to be up early for another long day 🙂