California Cracker Barrel Opening Date

The opening date of the First Cracker Barrel in California was announced this week.

First California Cracker Barrel, victorville, Restaurants, Website, FoodThe locations map on the Cracker Barrel website was updated to show Victorville as opening soon. The date for the opening is set for February 5.

Cracker Barrel, Victorville, California, Nostalgia, AntiquesCracker Barrel also released a number of images showing some of the antiques that they used to decorate the Victorville location. Here you can see a section featuring California agriculture.

Cracker Barrel, California, Victorville, antiques, displaysHere is another display showing some of the car culture of California and Route 66.

Cracker Barrel Menus, Cracker Barrel, Breakfast all day, Comfort FoodMenus will soon be on the tables and Californians can finally enjoy a Cracker Barrel meal without having to travel outside the state. However, Victorville is still far from me and I do not plan on driving down for a meal. Plus, I just recently got my Cracker Barrel Fix while back in Missouri for Thanksgiving. The picture above is from my visit there.

Cracker Barrel, Jobs, Victorville, Sacramento, First Cracker Barrel in CaliforniaIt will be a different story with the second Cracker Barrel in California. It will be just over an hour drive away and I will definitely be tempted to take a little trip.

The picture above is from Cracker Barrel’s job search field and the Sacramento location is also searching for selected employees.

Cracker Barrel plans on opening six new locations in California in the next couple of years, but have not released any additional information as to where they will be. At one time it looked like there would be one in Fresno, and there are indications that there will perhaps be a second Sacramento area location. See: Cracker Barrel in Fresno? and Rocklin, California Cracker Barrel

Where would you like to see a Cracker Barrel open in California?


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2 Responses to California Cracker Barrel Opening Date

  1. I have always enjoyed browsing their store, and they also have great food!

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