Rialto Cracker Barrel

This last week I learned of another future Cracker Barrel location in California. The Rialto Cracker Barrel will most likely open early in 2019 as the groundbreaking was held last week.

Cracker Barrel, California, Sacramento, Victorville, Santa Maria, RialtoOne of the ways to know for sure that a Cracker Barrel location is planned is for it to show up in the employment section of the Cracker Barrel website. You can see here that there are now four locations listed for California: Rialto, Sacramento, Santa Maria and Victorville.

The Victorville Cracker Barrel was the first Cracker Barrel to open in California earlier this year.

The Sacramento Cracker Barrel just opened this month and I am in the planning stage for a road trip with friends to visit the new location.

The Santa Maria Cracker Barrel will most likely be the next one to open.

General Manager, Rialto, Cracker BarrelFrom the jobs posted at the Cracker Barrel website I found the address of the Rialto location. Of course, the address was also in multiple news reports last week about the groundbreaking at the site.

Rialto Cracker Barrel, GroundbreakingHere you can see the location on a map. It is near San Bernardino which is a more familiar location for those of us who do not know all the smaller cities in the LA area.

Rialto Cracker barrel, Google maps, constructionGoogle Maps already has the Cracker Barrel on the map and you can see here where it will be built. The satellite picture is a bit old and there is already quite a bit of construction completed in this area.

Cracker Barrel, Rialto, Victorville, Santa MariaHere you can see a little better where Rialto is in relationship to Los Angeles and also the other Cracker Barrel locations in the south. The Rialto location will only be 40 miles from the Victorville location.

There has also been a Cracker Barrel approved by the planning commission in Camarillo, but sometimes it takes a long time to go from approval to construction. I have not seen anything else since it was approved.

Also, sometimes projects fall through or are delayed. One project that has fallen through is a Cracker Barrel that was proposed in Fresno. See: Cracker Barrel in Fresno?

Another proposed project was a Rocklin, California Cracker Barrel. I have not seen any more about this project so perhaps it is delayed or not as far along.

In any case, we now know that there will be at least four Cracker Barrel locations in California sometime next year.





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