Second California Cracker Barrel Announced

Today the Sacramento Bee reported that the the Sacramento area will be getting a Cracker Barrel in 2018.

Cracker Barrel, Country Store, Travel Food, CaliforniaThe location was not provided by Cracker Barrel, but it was confirmed that there will be a location in the Sacramento area.

SAcramento, Google Maps, California Cracker BarrelIt will be interesting to see where they end up building the first Sacramento area Cracker Barrel. I am sure that over time there will be more than one. I hope that it will be south of the city, but it will most likely be east toward Reno or west toward San Francisco as tourist traffic is heavier along these routes.

California Cracker Barrel, 1000 Howe, Eden-Arcade, CaliforniaLast December there were rumors about a Cracker Barrel in the Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento. Perhaps this will indeed be the location. However, I believe that it will more likely be on the outskirts of the metro area rather than in the middle.

See: Cracker Barrel in California?

Victorville California, First California Cracker BarrelEarlier this year it was announced that the First Cracker Barrel in California would be in Victorville and just this week an expected opening date of February 2018 was given.

I am glad that they have now announced one closer to me šŸ™‚

Fresno California, Cracker Barrel, California Cracker BarrelThere had been rumors of a Cracker Barrel location in Herndon which is just north of Fresno. However, the location is no longer under consideration. See: Cracker Barrel in Fresno?

I would not count Fresno out as an early location. However, I would expect a location on I-5 between Northern and Southern California before I would expect one on Hwy 99. I-5 is the more traveled route and has less eating options along the way.

Where would you like to see a Cracker Barrel in California?






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