Nando’s Fix IV

Yesterday I was able to get my Nando’s Fix.

Nando's Fix, Nando's, Australia, Macquarie CentreThe first meal I had in Australia was at the Nando’s in Macquarie Centre. The centre is just across the street from where I am staying, and has more than 50 restaurants. However, it was not a hard decision to make Nando’s my first meal of this stay.

Nandos, Nando's Sauces, Peri-Peri Sauce, Australia, Nando'sI grabbed a couple bottles of sauce and a container of water and sat down to read while waiting for my dinner.

I am glad that there is now a Nando’s in Macquarie Centre. See: Nando’s Fix II

I used to have to go into Sydney to go to Nando’s so would have to wait for a week to get my Australian Nando’s Fix.
Nando's Chicken, Quarter Chicken, Portuguese Style Chicken, Peri PeriIt did not take long for my hot spicy quarter chicken with chips to arrive at my table. I enjoyed the wonderful taste of the peri-peri sauce on the chicken and chips.  nando's Napkin, Now remove all evidence, Australia, Nando'sOf course, the sauces were a bit messy so I also had a few napkins. I like the sayings that Nando’s has on their napkins.

Now remove all evidence…

Leave no trace on your face!, Nando's Napkins, Australia, Chicken, Sauces

Leave no trace on your face!

I made sure that I complied with the sayings on the napkins and made sure my face was clean before leaving.

I really enjoyed my meal and am sure that it will not be the only time that I eat at Nando’s during the trip.


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4 Responses to Nando’s Fix IV

  1. Enjoy to the fullest! A Nando’s Fix is always so wonderful!

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