Chicken Ribs

Have you ever eaten Chicken Ribs?

Usually when you think of ribs you think of pork or beef. You might thing of chicken rib meat, but not chicken ribs.

Nando's Fix, Nando's, Australia, Macquarie CentreTonight I went back to Nando’s for dinner along with two of my students.

This time I decided to have the Churrasco Chicken Ribs.

Nando's Table Setting, Peri-Peri Sauce, Cockerel, Here you can see the sauces that I picked up while waiting for my meal to be delivered. When you order they give you a cockerel with a number on it to take to your table.

nando's australia, Chicken Ribs, Churrasco BBqMy meal arrived and the chicken ribs looked really nice laid out on the plate. They look a bit like chicken wings, but they are definitely not chicken wings.

Patent US5779532, Chicken Wings, Nando's, Macquarie CentreThe chicken ribs are cooked with a Churrasco BBQ sauce and they are really good. The ribs are created using a process that was patented in 1998. The process creates a piece of chicken that has breast meat, rib meat and a rib bone.

Chicken Ribs, Rib Meat, Chicken, Nando's, Churrasco RibsIn this picture you can see the rib bone that is in each chicken rib that was on the plate. These were really delicious, and I am glad that I tried them again.

Of course the fries were dipped in peri-peri sauce and were also very good. I am glad that I can at least get the Nando’s peri-peri sauce back home at my local grocery store.


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