Nando’s Fix V

One of the nice things about my current trip is that I am able to get a Nando’s Fix. I usually have to go to Australia for my Nando’s Fix.

This evening I ate at a Nando’s that I first visited about 11 years ago during a visit to Cambridge.

Nando's Chicken, Cambridge, UK, Chicken

This is a picture that I took after my meal. It was only a little after 5, but it was already dark.

Cambridge, Nando's Sauce, ChickenI put in my order and then grabbed a couple bottles of peri-peri sauce on the way back to my table. I like the taste of the medium the best, but also like to have a little bit of the hot sauce.

Nando's Sauce Range, Peri-Peri Sauce, Herb to extra-hot

Nando’s has a wide range of sauces. All the way from Lemon-Herb to Extra Hot.

Half Chicken, Chips, Potatoes, nando'sMy meal was soon delivered. I had a half chicken with chips and mashed potatoes.

I know I had two potato sides, but I just had to have both of them.

Nando's Chicken, Bones, After the meal

The meal was delicious and soon I only had a pile of bones on my plate.

Nando’s is finally expanding in the US. They have 27 locations in the area around Washington D.C. and 10 locations in the Chicago area. A few years ago they were deciding whether to expand to Chicago or San Francisco. I hope that they reconsider coming to California soon.

It was a wonderful meal after a long day of visiting colleges and a museum in Cambridge.


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3 Responses to Nando’s Fix V

  1. I miss peri peri chicken so much 😭

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