Another Nando’s Fix

I am in Australia again which means that I am able to get my Nando’s Fix.

Nando's Half Chicken, Good Food, Nando's Fix, Spicy ChickenTonight I had a half-chicken with chips at Nando’s. A nice full plate of delicious food.

nando's, half chicken, two fork chicken eating methodHere I am employing my two fork chicken method to eat my Nando’s. I find it much easier to use two forks than to use a fork and a knife.

Of course, the chicken not only looks delicious, it tastes delicious.

Empty Nando's Plate, Portuguese Chicken, Peri-Peri Sauce, Nando's FixThe end result was an empty plate. The chicken and chips were so delicious with the peri-peri sauce.

nando's bone bowl, half chicken, peri-peri sauce, Nando's fixOf course, I didn’t eat the bones. Instead I put them in a bone bowl so that I would have more room on my plate while eating the rest of the chicken.

Nando's Service, Poor Service Good Food, Slow Cleaning, Busy RestaurantIt was a good thing I went for the food and not for the service as it was a bit poor tonight. The restaurant was very busy as many people were eating out in the shopping centre since it was a cool place on a very hot Saturday.

Shown above is the service station where you pick up your sauces, water, napkins, cutlery and other things that you need to eat your meal. This actually looks better than it was when I was getting what I needed. Tables were left uncleaned and I had trouble finding a place to sit. It definitely seemed that they were understaffed.

I would write it off as just an unexpected busy night, except that I had the same experience during my first Nando’s Fix of the trip.

Will I eat there again before I leave? I will probably try and go one more time to get some Chicken Ribs. I go there for the food, but they definitely need to fix a few things about their service.


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One Response to Another Nando’s Fix

  1. I understand your love for Nando’s! I imagine it will be at least a year before I get my Nando Fix in Bangladesh!

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