Nando’s Fix III

Next weekend I will get a Nando’s Fix.

Nando’s is one of my favorite global food chains. I have liked Nando’s since I first tasted their delicious chicken during a trip to South Africa in 2001.

Nando's Macquarie Centre - Australian Nando's - Peri Peri Sauce - Nando's FixNext weekend I will be enjoying Nando’s at the Macquarie Centre in Macquarie Park, Australia.

I am sure that it won’t be the only visit during my trip.

Nando's - Peri-Peri - Chicken - South Africa - Australia - Nando's Fix - Spicy ChickenI used to visit a Nando’s in the city center when I would travel to Sydney. However, I was really excited when they opened the one at Macquarie Centre as it is very close to where I stay when I go to Australia. This time I will be staying even closer.

Nando's Quarter Chicken - Nando's Hot Peri Peri Sauce - Pourtuguese Style ChickenI am definitely looking forward to some nice spicy peri-peri chicken.

Nando's chicken Ribs - Chicken Ribs - BBQ Chicken Ribs - Nando's AustraliaI might also have some Nando’s Chicken Ribs.

Nando's Table Setting - Nando's Australia - Macquarie Centre - Nando's Peri Peri SauceI am definitely looking forward to the taste of their wonderful sauces. I like the heat of the Hot sauce, but I like the taste of the Medium better.

Until recently the only Nando’s in the United States were near Washington, D.C.

However, about a year ago they announced that they were expanding to a new area. They were deciding between San Francisco, Chicago and Boston. Unfortunately for me, they picked Chicago and now have three restaurants open in the Windy City.

I am hoping that they decide to further expand very soon and include San Francisco in their plans.

For now however, I have to travel to get my Nando’s Fix.

Have you eaten at a Nando’s?


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3 Responses to Nando’s Fix III

  1. joji says:

    Looks super delicious

  2. I have eaten at Nando’s many times in Bangladesh, which you already knew! 🙂 You are really stimulating my taste buds!

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