200K Views for Braman’s Wanderings

Last night my blog passed the 200,000 views milestone.

199994 blog stats, page views

I had been watching to see if I would reach this milestone before my current trip, but didn’t quite make it.

However, it is not a big surprise that I would reach a milestone while wandering far from home.199999, blog views, blog stats

Since the views that pushed the counter to 200,000 came during one of the slowest times of the day for blog views I was able to capture the counter on the stats view as it approached the milestone.

200k blog views, 200,000 views, blog stats

Here it is 200,000 views. Of course the counter is still increasing as it begins to count toward another milestone.

As I think back to when I wrote 100K Views for Braman’s Wanderings many memories come to mind. I have done a lot of wandering since then, especially two big vacations to Turkey and Israel.

Archaeological Dig, Tel Lachish, Dig, Archaeology, LachishThe trip to Israel was to participate in an archaeological dig at Lachish.

Blog Views, Map of Blog Views, Blog Stats, World Map

I have wandered quite a bit, but not so much in comparison with the countries where people have viewed my blog from. I have now had views from more than 180 countries around the world. I am still waiting on Greenland and a large portion of Africa to visit 🙂

Sydney Harbour - February 2014 - Winter Olympics Sochi - Winter Olympics in SummerFor now, watch for more posts from Australia as I continue my wanderings.



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2 Responses to 200K Views for Braman’s Wanderings

  1. M.E. says:

    Congratulations on reaching 200k page views. I’m glad to have made a small contribution to this accomplishment. 🙂

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