Angry Birds

Tonight I thought I would share some pictures I took of Angry Birds.

On Monday morning I went with my friend to drop his son off at work. We then went and had breakfast at The Grenadier before taking a long walk through High Park.

High Park is the largest public park in Toronto and includes a small zoo.

Peacock, Angry Bird, High Park Toronto, canadaHave you ever heard the call of a peacock? If you have you know that it sounds like it is really angry. I was able to get a picture of this peacock with mouth open as it called out.

For more pictures of peacocks visit my post: Peafowl Pictures

Emu, High Park Zoo, Toronto Canada, Angry BirdHere is the head of an Emu. This guy just looks angry. I thought I had posted a picture of an angry Emu from the Taronga Zoo, but I must of just posted it on Facebook.

In any case this one looks angry enough and I don’t think I would want to mess with it.

There were several other birds in the zoo, but I will save them for another post as they didn’t seem so angry.

Hissing Canada Goose, Goslings, Mother and ChicksThere were quite a few Canada Geese at the park, but I did not get a picture of any that looked very angry. However, last Friday I took this picture of a mother goose hissing at me when I was too close to her chicks.

Angry Swan, High Park, Toronto Canada, Beagle, Grenadier PondHave you ever seen an angry swan? They are usually very peaceful as they glide across the water.

However, a disrespectful patron of the park let his beagle try and chase this swan.  Here you can see the beagle cowering as the swan rose up and started hissing at it. Can you imagine this big bird, with wings outstretched, coming at you while hissing? I know that I would be backing up very quickly to get away.

Red Wing Blackbird, Angry Bird, High Park, Toronto, Canada, Bird Attack, Bird flying into headThis red-winged blackbird doesn’t look too angry, but believe me they can be angry birds.

I was looking down reading a plaque about the cherry trees that were in the park when all of a sudden I felt something hit the back of my head. I turned around to find a red-winged blackbird laying on the ground. The bird quickly got up and flew away before I could even move. I must have been close to the bird’s nest, or maybe it was just an accident.

Fortunately the bird did not hit too hard or lead with the beak. I will now be a bit wary around these birds.

Have you ever been attacked by an angry bird?



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