Some Bird Posts Remembered

A little blogblock tonight, so I will just post some pictures from some of the posts that I have written about birds.

Angry Swan, High Park, Toronto Canada, Beagle, Grenadier PondThis picture of an angry swan comes from my post Angry Birds. There is an interesting story about why this swan is angry so click on the link to check it out. There are also other pictures of angry birds that I saw that day.

Barn Owl, Owl in Flight, Rodent control, Owl at OrchardI used this picture in my post Birds and Bees. Barn owls do a good job of keeping pests under control in orchards.

Burrowing OwlThis is a burrowing owl and I used this picture in my post Owls. You can also see more owl pictures in my post Owls in a Well.

Columba livia - Rock Dove or Rock PigeonIs this a dove or a pigeon? Check out my post Doves or Pigeons? to see what the difference is.

Luzon Bleeding-Heart PigeonI have thought about this picture quite a bit in the past months. This is a Luzon Bleeding-Heart Pigeon (Gallicolumba luzonica).

The picture is from my post Taronga Zoo Birds. I may just see this bird again in February as I like to visit the Taronga Zoo when I go to Sydney.

I have many more posts that have pictures of birds in them. Just type Birds in the search box to find them.

Which of these birds do you like the best?



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