High Park

Earlier this week I shared pictures of Angry Birds that were taken at High Park in Toronto.High Park, Tree Stump, Stump Chair, Grenadier Pond

After seeing a friend post some beautiful pictures today that were taken in High Park, I decided to share some more pictures from this beautiful park.

High Park is the largest public park in Toronto and has many different uses. The part that we walked through was full of wooded areas, a pond and gardens.

High Park, Toronto, Canada, Grenadier Pond, Spring, TreesThis path along the shore of Grenadier Pond is very scenic. I really like the look of the tree branches and the beautiful green colors of spring. To me it was a step back in time to earlier in the year. I have been in several places this year where signs of spring were starting to show up.

Grenadier Pond, Reflections, Skyline, Toronto, High ParkThere is a group of tall buildings across Grenadier Pond and I like the way that they were reflected in the pond. Grenadier Pond is quite large with an area of 35 acres.

Flowers, Bloom, Purple and Blue Flower, Flower Beds, High ParkThe park is also full of beautiful flowers. I don’t know what type of flower this is, but it was very pretty. If someone will let me know the name of the flower I will add it here.

Bridge, Reflection, High Park, Toronto Canada, WaterfallI really like this picture as it has a very nice reflection of the bridge and waterfall. There was a section of the park with Japanese features. There were also cherry trees in this part of the park which had recently bloomed. In fact, there were some blossoms still remaining, but most of them were already spent.

I have many more pictures from High Park, and may share more in future posts.




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