High Park in the Fall

Earlier this year I visited High Park in Toronto. Today we visited it again to see how it looks in the fall. I was able to capture a bit of the fall color.

High Park, Tree Chair, Toronto, CanadaThe earlier High Park post started with a picture of the tree chair that I am sitting in here. I thought it would be nice to start this post in a similar way. You can see by the way I am dressed that it was a cold day. Temperatures were about 2-3 degrees when we arrived at the park. We even saw a few snow flurries while at the park.

High Park, Toronto, Canada, Duck, Water, ShadowI like this picture that I took of a mallard swimming in Grenadier Pond. I really like the reflections in this picture. The mallard is reflected as well as the colorful trees along the bank of the pond.

Fall Color, High Park, Toronto, CanadaHere is an example of some of the fall color that we saw at the park today. There were some really pretty trees at the park.

Maple Leaf, High park, Toronto, Canada, Flower LeafI really liked this maple leaf that was comprised of beautiful red flowers. This is one of the iconic views of High Park in the fall.

reindeer, santa's reindeer, high park zooThere is a small zoo at High Park and I enjoyed taking pictures of the animals. Definitely not as big as the Toronto Zoo, but a nice place to see a few animals.

Here is a nice reindeer. I am sure that it is getting rested up for the big job it has ahead of it in December.

Emu, Bird, High Park Zoo, Bird Eyes, Bird BeakI was able to get some close-ups of one of the emus at the zoo. I really like their big eyes and menacing beaks. Here you can see that the emu had been eating grass. The little blade of grass sticking out the corner of the beak just adds a nice little touch to the picture.

Luckily we didn’t see any Angry Birds at the park today.


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