Newbery Challenge Update VII

Tonight I need a quick post and it is also time for another update to my Newbery Challenge.

Newbery Challenge, Reading Challenge, Newbery Books, Newbery Honor BooksIn the last Newbery Challenge Update that I posted in April I had 75 books left to read. Since that time I have read another 25 books and now have only 50 left.

The books are getting harder to find and the time that it takes for inter-library loan is starting to be a factor. I also have several trips planned that factor into the logistics of requesting books from other libraries. I can only keep them for so long and also have to be home to pick them up when they come in.

Tonight I will only share the book that reduced the number of books to be read to 50.

The Blue Cat of Castle Town, Catherine Cate Coblentz, Janice Holland, Newbery ChallengeBook number 350 in the challenge was The Blue Cat of Castle Town by Catherine Cate Coblentz which was a Newbery runner-up in 1950.

The book is illustrated by Janice Holland. The illustrations are beautiful and do a very nice job of adding to the story. Janice Holland also illustrated The Blind Men and the Elephant by Lillian Quigley.

The Blue Cat of Castle Town, Catherine Cate Coblentz, Janice Holland, Newbery ChallengeThe story is set in Castle Town, Vermont and tells the story of a Blue Cat that interacts with different people in the town. The cat provides inspiration as they create different artistic items.

The story of the blue cat was inspired by a carpet from Castle Town that is now hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The carpet has an image of a blue cat. The story also includes details about several other interesting artistic items from the same time period in Castle Town.

The author weaves together an interesting story that is definitely worthy of a Newbery Honor. This is one of the hidden gems that are hidden in the list of Newbery books.

Catherine Coblentz wrote at least 12 books between 1936 and 1950 and some of the titles look very interesting. I may have to find some of them when I am done with the challenge.

Now on to the last 50 books.


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