Family Friends IV

Tonight I am saddened as a long time Family Friend passed away earlier today in Iowa.

Grace Lyon passed away today and I am having many memories of her tonight.

Family Friends, Frytown, Iowa, Church of Christ, PreacherThe picture here shows Raymond and Grace Lyon from around 1960 when they lived near my grandparents.

Raymond and Grace celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary last year and have always been a great example to many people including my parents.

1960's - Iowa Winter Styles - Grandpa and Grandma - Frytown, IowaHere are my grandparents from the same time period. They first met Raymond and Grace when they started attending the Frytown Church of Christ. Raymond was preaching at Frytown at that time and had a great influence on my Grandpa.

My grandparents were baptized shortly after they started attending church at Frytown.

Frytown Church of Christ - Frytown, Iowa - 150 years - Restoration MovementMy grandpa later became a preacher and started a congregation at nearby What Cheer. A few years later Raymond and my grandpa switched places and my grandpa started preaching at Frytown. In the picture above my grandpa is standing in front of the Frytown church building.

During this time our families became very close and we continue to stay in touch. I was in the wedding of one of their daughters and still keep in touch with some of their grandchildren. I also have wonderful memories of visiting their home in the country just north of Ottumwa, Iowa.

My parents last saw Grace at the funeral of another wonderful family friend who passed away earlier this year. Charlotte Fagen was one of the early members of the What Cheer congregation where my grandpa preached. It is sad that we have lost some wonderful family friends, but know that they are in a much better place after living a faithful life.

The family is in my thoughts and prayers.


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