To Friends on Friday

Friday brought an end to the course I am teaching and then it was off to spend time with my friends over the weekend.

Packing, Packing for return home, packing formula, hotel room

Of course, that meant getting packed up and ready to leave the hotel.

The Packing Formula is a lot easier when you don’t have far to go. Mainly it is a Geometry problem. How do I fit everything into the bags that I have. No worry about what goes in the suitcase and what goes into a carry on.

In the picture above you can see that Clifford is packed and ready to go.

Westin Prince, Flower clock, Toronto Canada, Spring time, Flower Planting

I took this picture on the way back from breakfast. I had hoped that they would have planted the flowers that make up the flower clock by the time I left. However, they still have not planted them. See more in my post: Around the Westin

Hissing Canada Goose, Goslings, Mother and ChicksOn the way to lunch today we ran into several groups of geese. The mother Canada Goose is hissing at me as I was getting a bit close to the goslings. We made it past them by walking out into the street and continued on toward a nice lunch.

The students finished their exam and all passed, which always makes me happy as a teacher. Then it was time to head to my friends. I am glad that I didn’t have to navigate through the rush hour traffic.

Pan Am Games, Volleyball Venue, Construction Job

I arrived at my friend’s house just in time to go with him to pick up his son from work. He is helping build a temporary stadium that will be used for Sand Volleyball in the upcoming Pan Am games here in Toronto.

Korean Cuisine, Home Cooked Meal, Canadian Food, BulgogiThen it was back to the house where John cooked a wonderful meal. The meal had a Korean theme and was very delicious. I really enjoyed the beef bulgogi. The food was served over rice and we also had some kimchi which is not shown in the picture.

After dinner we watched the movie John Carter which is based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel A Princess of Mars. I may have another reading challenge ahead of me now as I want to learn more about his Barsoom series of novels.

Now for some sleep before a busy weekend.


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