Church Building Quiz – The Answers

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A couple of weeks ago I posted a Church Building Quiz.

Tonight I will share the answers.

In the earlier post I shared pictures of church buildings that all had a connection to my family.

I asked for my readers to give the location of each of the church buildings and how they had a family connection for me.

I also had an extra credit question as to which of the church buildings were still being used for church services.

I will give the answers in the same order as they were posted originally. However, I thought about giving the answers chronologically which might have made more sense 🙂

Lexington Nebraska Church of Christ, Preaching school, GrandfatherThis church building is where the Church of Christ in Lexington, Nebraska meets. My grandfather, Richard Yoder, was there in 1951 attending a preaching school. I have also visited this church many times over the years for youth rallies or while just passing through when I lived in Nebraska.

The trailer in this picture belonged to the McKee’s and the bicycle belonged to my Grandpa.

Church services are still being held in this building in Lexington.

Ashland Kansas, Church of Christ, Preacher, MemoriesThis is the Ashland, Kansas Church of Christ building. We moved to Ashland during the summer before I started the 6th grade. This is when my Dad became a full-time preacher while also working at the High School as a maintenance engineer. I graduated from High School in Ashland.

This building is no longer used as a church.

Ottumwa, Iowa, Church of Christ, Ottumwa, IowaThis is the Pennsylvania Avenue Church of Christ building in Ottumwa, Iowa. I have a lot of memories from this building as it was where we went to church until I completed 5th grade with the exception of when I was just an infant, but more on that a bit later.

Sadly, the building is no longer in existence as it was destroyed in a fire.

Abingdon, iowa, Church of Christ, Adam Sears, Restoration History This building is where the Abingdon, Iowa Church of Christ still meets. This was the toughest of the quiz as it is an older picture and few people know our family connection to this church building.

This is because the family connection to Abingdon, Iowa goes back to the mid-1800’s, and is before the current church building which was built in 1899. My 4th Great Grandfather Adam Sears worked with the congregation in the late 1850’s when it had a membership of around 250. My 4th Great Grandmother Susanah Kern Sears died there in 1859 and is buried in the cemetery in Abingdon. In the Christian Record there is a letter from Elder Adam Sears reporting her death and gives a history of her early life, which is a snapshot of the early Restoration Movement.

However, we do have a later connection to this building as I have memories of visiting here. My Dad would sometimes preach at Abingdon. At the time he did not know the details of our family connection to Abingdon but today it is nice to look back at the historical connection.

Fairview Church of Christ, Linn, Missouri, Grandpa, FatherThis country church building was where the Fairview Church of Christ met. Both my Grandpa and Dad preached here for many years. My Dad took over for my Grandpa when he retired. I have also preached a few sermons in this little country church through the years. I also lived in the parsonage for a couple months when I was in my mid-20’s and took care of the grounds and cemetery.

Frytown Church of Christ, Richard Yoder, Family ChurchHere is my Grandpa Yoder standing in front of the Frytown Church of Christ building. He preached there for many years and it is also where my Mom and Dad were married. This is also where my parents were attending services when I was born, so this is where I first went to church. Soon after we moved to Ottumwa and attended services at the Pennsylvania Avenue Church of Christ.

Regular services are no longer held at Frytown, but I remember visiting it many times when I was younger.

For more about this building see my post: The Frytown Church

Hamburg Church of Christ, Hamburg Iowa, Home ChurchThe last picture in the quiz is of the Hamburg Church of Christ building. This is where my Dad went to church during High School. However, our family connection goes back much further with the Hamburg Church as one of my ancestors helped build the building and several generations of the family attended there through the years.

The building has been restored and is now used as a community center. The picture above was taken during the restoration process.

I plan on some day pulling together images from old pictures and post cards of the building and writing a separate post. I know where I can find a few of them on-line, I just need to do it 🙂

I am always interested in finding out more about each of these church buildings, so if you have pictures or stories you can send them my way or leave a comment.




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