Amish States

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Do you know which states have Amish living in them? You may be surprised at the number of states that have Amish settlements.

When you think of Amish you most often think of Pennsylvania, Ohio or Indiana which have the largest populations.

Location of first American Amish Settlement - Northkill, Pennsylvania

Northkill, Pennsylvania – Google Maps

The First Amish Settlement was in Northkill, Pennsylvania in the 1730’s. Visit my post First Amish Settlements for more information.

Since that time the Amish have settled in many other areas. They initially followed the migration patterns of other groups as lands to the west opened up.

The Amish even had settlements in Oregon and California at one time.

Amish Settlements 2013, Amish States, Where Amish LiveThis map shows which states currently have Amish settlements. There are 30 states with Amish settlements. Some of the states have only one community, but many of the states have a large number of communities.

There are also Amish communities in Ontario, Canada.

Amish Historic Communities, Amish States, Where Amish have lived, California Amish, Oregon Amish

Here is another interesting map. In this map I have also included the states that I know have had Amish communities in the past. There have been Amish communities in 38 of the 50 states.

John Miller, Amish Minister

The picture above is of my Great, Great Grandfather John A. Miller. He lived in at least six different states. The picture above was taken in Iowa.

Click on Amish in Oklahoma to find out more about John A. Miller.

Many people also ask where the Amish originally came from. See my post: Amish Origins

I hope this gives you a better idea of where the Amish have lived.


This post is part of my Religion in Family History series. Click on the link for a list of more posts in the series.

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14 Responses to Amish States

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    Fascinating world. I read the book 19th Wife the other year, would love to see this culture one day.

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  3. My Grandfather’s family lived in Oklahoma for a few years but moved back to Iowa.

  4. Glenda McDougal says:

    Love the picture of your g-g-grandfather!!!

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  6. Terry Heyne says:

    I need help contacting Amish people in Nevada or California. I don’t think this is the way, since its a phone, but have to take a chance.Terry Heyne

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