Historic Book Acquisitions VI

Tonight I will share some more history books that I have acquired recently.

This post in the series will focus on Colonial America. I have been doing a lot of reading from this time period as I learn more about my ancestry.

Pocahontas and her world, Philip L. Barbour, john smith, john rolfe, virginiaI saw this book at the library book sale and it quickly was dropped in my bag. I have done a lot of reading about the northern colonies, but have done very little reading about the southern colonies.

Pocahontas and Her World by Philip L. Barbour will give me some good insight into the early exploration and settlement of the English colonies. Pocahontas went to London after she married John Rolfe and died there when she was in her early 20’s. Her son Thomas grew up in England and returned to Virginia as an adult.

Mayflower Bastard, David LIndsay, Richard More, PlymouthMayflower Bastard: A Stranger Among the Pilgrims  by David Lindsay is about his ancestor Richard More.

I am interested to learn more about the Plymouth colonists from a different perspective. I have a Mayflower ancestor and several other ancestors that lived in Plymouth during the early years.

See the following posts:

Pilgrim Ancestry

Mayflower Ancestry

The Mayflower Compact

The Diary of Samuel Sewall, Harvey Wish, Puritans, New EnglandI am also looking forward to reading The Diary of Samuel Sewall. This book is edited by Harvey Wish and contains entries from the diary of a Puritan who lived in Boston. He was born in England in 1652 and migrated to Boston when he was nine years old.

The book follows his life including time at Harvard, a trip to England and his involvement in the Salem witchcraft trials.

I will have a better picture of the lives of my Massachusetts ancestors after reading this book.

Jonathan and Sarah, an uncommon union, Jonathan Edwards, Northampton, stockbridge, massachusettsJonathan and Sarah: An Uncommon Union by Edna Gerstner is about the years that Jonathan Edwards and his wife Sarah Pierrepoint spent in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

I am not related to Jonathan Edwards but he lived among my ancestors and cousins in Northampton and Stockbridge, Massachusetts. There is a slight family connection to the Edwards as his daughter Mary was married to Timothy Dwight III who was a second cousin of my 6th great grandfather Eliakim Pomeroy.

You can also visit my post The Prospering to learn more about my family connections to Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

I wrote a lot more about these books than I had planned, but some of them may eventually get a post of their own in my Religion in Family History series after I read them.

Which of these should I read first?



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