The Post Pipeline III

I have a little bit of blog block tonight because of being jet lagged. So, will just write a bit about some of the blog posts that are in the pipeline.

Plus, it has been a while since I wrote The Post Pipeline II.

Newbery Medal Winner, Last Stop on Market Street, Picture Book, Matt de la Pena, Christian Robinson, Caldecott Award WinnerOne post that will be coming soon will be about the 2017 Newbery books. The 2017 award winners will be announced next Monday and I will be scrambling to get them checked out from the library and read. I have not done any research yet as to what books are the favorite, and since I have a busy week ahead I will probably just wait and see who the winners are. See: 2016 Newbery Books

The Sympathizer, Pulitzer Winner 2016, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Gove PressI am also doing research for a post which will be titled Pulitzer Prediction 2017. I have already started reading some of the books that are favored to win. Of course there will also be a Pulitzer Results post in April.

See my Pulitzer Prediction 2016 post. You will find that I didn’t do so well with my predictions.

Richard Barnard, Worksop, Vicar, 1601I am also doing more research on the life of Richard Barnard and will probably write more about him sometime soon. From 1601 to 1612 he was the Vicar of the Worksop Priory. See my post: A Visit to Worksop Priory

Fairview Church of Christ - Linn, Missouri - Religion in Family History - Country ChurchI also have some more subjects that I want to write about in my Religion in Family History series.

I am learning a lot more about religious history as I study my family history. I want to share some of the insights that I have.

Encyclopedia Brown, Library Books, Book seriesOf course there will also be more posts about books, but I won’t commit to any specific posts at the moment. Just know that I have several ideas for book posts in the pipeline. Sometimes book posts are triggered by current events and sometimes just by what books I run across in my wanderings.

The picture above is from my post Encyclopedia Brown – Memories that I wrote back in 2012. The post was written shortly after the passing of Donald J. Sobol who wrote the books. Within a few weeks of writing the post I had read all the published books in the series. However, tonight as I write this I find that I have not read the one book that was published after his death. It has now been requested from the library and I will probably read it later this week. Perhaps another post will be written about the series when I read the last book.

Sherlock Holmes: The complete novels and Stories, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Volume 2I am also rereading the complete Sherlock Holmes canon, so there might be another Sherlock post later this year. I have already found one interesting tie between one of the stories and one of my hobbies.

See my most recent Sherlock post by clicking on The Return of Sherlock Holmes.

You never know where my mind will wander or where I will wander to.


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