Post Number 1,000

This post is a milestone post.

999 Blog Posts, Blog Milestone, Post 1000, BloggingYesterday when I posted Trikes and Wagons I saw that it was the 999th post on this blog.

This post that I am writing now is post number 1,000!

I have definitely made a lot of posts since the first post: Welcome to Braman’s Wanderings

Blog Views, Blog Stats, 150K MilestoneJust recently I passed another milestone for numbers of views.

Blog Stats, Blog Milestone, 150K Blog Views, BloggingI am surprised that I have had so many views since the blog started. Of course a few popular post categories have helped add up the now more than 150,000 views.

Posts in my Religion in Family History, Home Pride Bread and Walls of Jericho series have been very popular.

I also have a lot of views on posts written during or about trips to Israel and Turkey.

Of course, I have wandered to other places around the world like Japan, Antarctica, India, Mexico, China, Canada and many more and there are posts scattered throughout the blog on each of these places.

Blog Stats, Countries Map, World Map, Blog Visits by CountryI have also had visitors from 167 countries. You can see that the most visitors come from the US, Canada, England, Australia, Germany and India.

There are a few major blank spots on the map. There are still a lot of countries in Africa that have not had a visitor to my blog. Turkemenistan and Kyrgyzstan are two other countries that stand out on the map.

Of course the biggest blank on the map is Greenland. None of the ~56,000 residents of Greenland have stumbled across my blog. I guess I don’t write about anything that is interesting to Greenlanders.

Sydney Daisies - Asteraceae - Daisy - North Ryde, AustraliaI have also written many posts about nature, including many flower posts. My most popular flower post has been Sydney Daisies II. Many of my rose posts have also been popular.

Peacock in full displayPosts about birds and animals have also been popular. The most popular bird post has been Colorful Birds which featured this magnificent Peacock.

In the near future you will see more posts about China and Canada. I will also be going on an archaeological dig this summer which should generate a lot of posts when the time comes.

You will also see more posts about books that I have read and progress on some of my book lists. I am also working on posts about History and Genealogy that may finally wander out of my mind and onto paper.

Who knows where my mind will wander. Stick around and see.


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7 Responses to Post Number 1,000

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    1000 is quite a lot of work as I well know, and particularly for your informative style of reporting – well done sir! As for 150k hits, well that just speaks for itself. Congrats

  2. iku2e says:

    Interesting.. Keep the Good work

  3. Well done! That is quite an achievement!

  4. erikasellers says:

    Congratulations to my big brother! 😉

  5. Awesome goal! I am 2 months in and hope to be where you are soon enough!

    Inspiring post!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  7. Nice. I’m at 267 posts bit only at ~10k visits : ( also oddly enough another blogger and I were also discussing our lack of Greenland traffic

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