Church Building Quiz

Religion in Family History

Tonight I decided to put together a church building quiz.

Each of the church buildings in this post have a connection to my family.

Give your answers in the comments of this post or on Facebook where I will also be linking this post.

For your answer give the location of the church building and why it has a family connection for me.

For extra credit, which of the church buildings are still being used for church services.

I will write a follow-up post to this one with the answers sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Here is a link to the follow-up post: Church Building Quiz – The Answers

I have been doing some family history research in the past couple weeks and some of these locations have been wandering through my thoughts.

Here are the church buildings:


church building quizB:

church building quizC:

church building quizD:

church building quiz


church building quizF:

church building quizG:

church building quizI look forward to your responses. Perhaps I will even learn something new about some of these church buildings.


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2 Responses to Church Building Quiz

  1. Many look familiar! I wish I had the kind of memory, that could recall all your posts regarding these buildings!

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