The Happy Hollisters II

Tonight I am thinking about The Happy Hollisters for a couple of reasons. The first is that I received an e-mail with the latest newsletter from The Happy Hollisters official website.

The newsletter began with a Happy Birthday to Andrew E. Svenson who was the actual author of The Happy Hollisters series and also some of the Hardy Boys and Bobbsey Twins books. He used the pen name Jerry West for The Happy Hollisters series.

Andrew Svenson would have been 107 years old today.

The Happy Hollister, Jerry West, All Dust Jackets The second reason is that a couple weeks ago I completed the upgrade of my collection, and now have all the titles in the series with dust jackets.

Unfortunately my pictures are not so good tonight. I am a bit jet lagged and didn’t pay too much attention. I took the pictures and then put the books all away before checking them 🙂

I will have to do another photo shoot sometime.

However, you can still see that the covers are very colorful.

All dust jackets, Happy Hollisters, Jerry WestHere are the spines of all 33 books in the series. They will really look nice on a shelf once I decide where they will end up.

Plus, I need to take another picture that doesn’t cut off half of the last one.

Happy Hollisters, Red Book Spines, No dust jacketsHere are some of the books without dust jackets. In this picture you can see that there are a couple editions of the books. Some of them have a logo and others have ‘Garden City’ at the base of the spine. The logo is one that was used by Doubleday.

happy hollisters, jerry west, book spines, dust jacketsHere we see the first book in the series in four different configurations. I only have one dust jacket that has the ‘Garden City’ imprint. I of course will likely be watching out for additional books that have dust jackets with the ‘Garden City’ imprint. I still have some collecting to do.

The Happy Hollister on a River Trip, Jerry West, Mysteries, NostalgiaI will close with the cover of one of my favorite books from the series.

In my earlier The Happy Hollisters post I mentioned that I planned on reading though the whole series. I started the challenge in April last year and finished in December. It was fun to read them sequentially and also to read the ones that I had never read before.

Have you read any of The Happy Hollisters books?


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7 Responses to The Happy Hollisters II

  1. I happened upon these books at a tag sale today and bought all she had. While I had never seen them before they looked interesting and good for a new reader. I think I might try reading a few myself and not sure now if I’m parting with them. LOL Now I’m on the hunt for more.

  2. Len Kester says:

    I used to be in a book club when I was about eleven years old (I’m 60 now) and would receive one
    HH book per month. Fantastic books, loved reading them as a child. I hung on to them for many years but they got damaged and most of them discarded. I recently purchased a few of my favorites on E-Bay for my grandson. Great books, and I also loved and re-acquired a number of Hardy Boy books for the same reason. (Though I think I may have wanted them for myself as much as for him.) By the way, the “Garden City” logo on spine is because Doubleday had a large plant in Garden City, Long Island, NY. (where my sister used to work.) Great collection you have !
    I just happened upon your site today, hope to read more. Thank you for sharing your interests.
    Best regards.

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