Chicken Coops II

This morning my friends gave me some eggs to take home, so I thought of the pictures I will be sharing in this post. I took them a couple weeks ago while they were showing me their new chickens.

As you can see from the title of this post I have written an earlier post about Chicken Coops.

Chicken Coop, Country Living, Chickens, EggsHere is the chicken coop with a nice place for the chickens to get outside and run about. There is a nice covering of chicken wire to protect them from airborne predators.

Red Chickens, White Chicken, Hen House, Chicken CoopHere we see most of the new chickens along with a white chicken that they previously had.

Chicken Nest, Eggs, Four eggs, straw, nesting boxWe had also gone out to collect eggs and they were easy to find as the chickens have been laying them in the nesting boxes.

Egg Basket, eggs, woven basket, brown eggs, country eggsHere are the eggs all in one little basket. They are nice big brown eggs and they are a good size for scrambled or fried eggs.

Chicken Coop, Hen House, Eggs, ChickensHere are all the chickens together inside the chicken coop or hen house. In this case they are all hens.


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Chicken Coops



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