National Book Lovers Day

Today was National Book Lovers Day.

There is no question that I am a book lover. I have quite a few books in my house πŸ™‚

Farm Scene, The Secret of the Cave, Arthur S. Maxwell, Harvest Time, SiblingsOf course, part of it is because I come from a family of book lovers. I like this picture of my Dad with two of his siblings. He is holding a book while posing for this picture at the farm.

Of course, since I am a book lover I had to find a copy of the book my Dad was holding. It was not easy as very few libraries had it in their collection. See: The Secret of the Cave

Reading on Tricycle, Reading, Trike, Large TricycleWhen I was little my Mom would tell me to go outside and play. I found that I could ride my trike and read at the same time.

book worms, reading, National Book Lovers Day, Happy HollistersHere of course was my natural position when inside. I would prop my feet up on the coffee table and read a book. In this picture I have my little cousin Melaine sitting beside me. You can also see a couple more books tucked back behind the blanket on the couch.

Happy Hollisters, Jerry West, The Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach, Stratemeyer SyndicateIn the picture above I am reading one of The Happy Hollisters books. I tried to read all of them when I was a kid, but never did find them all.

The Happy Hollister, Jerry West, All Dust JacketsNow, that is not a problem as I own the complete series of books. I slowly hunted them all down at used book stores. I could have easily gone on-line and bought them, but it was much more fun to find them on my own. A lot cheaper too, unless you factor in all the time for hunting πŸ™‚

See: The Happy Hollisters II

I am also thinking about our board meeting of the Tracy Friends of the Library last night. We work together to help support our local library by running a book sale and helping promote literacy in our community. Another way that I can share my love for books.

Livermore Outlets, Reading Sculpture, Little Boy ReadingOf course, I could ramble on about books all night. However, I will simply close this with a picture I took of a sculpture at the Livermore outlet mall.

See: Reading Sculptures and Reading Sculptures II

Are you a book lover?



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2 Responses to National Book Lovers Day

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  2. Lucy says:

    Speaks to my book-loving heart!

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