Whistle Pig Day

Did you know that whistle pig is one of the many names used for the groundhog?

Since today is Groundhog Day I am thinking of groundhogs and shadows.

shadows, yard, winter, trees, yard workAs I left for work this morning I saw my shadow. I also saw my shadow when I made it to work. Does this mean six more weeks of winter?

Groundhog Day originated with the Pennsylvania Dutch. They brought the tradition from Germany and other German speaking countries in the 1700’s.

Red Candle on Black Background - Classic Christmas Card - Holiday Card - Red CandleCandlemas is also associated with the origins of Groundhog day. Candlemas is celebrated on February 2.

happy hollisters, whistle-pig mystery, books, groundhog, woodchuckThe first time I remember seeing whistle pig was in a Happy Hollisters book. The title is The Happy Hollisters and the Whistle-Pig Mystery. I learned about a lot of things from reading this series of books while I was growing up.

I now have the complete series of books complete with the original dust covers. It took me a long time to find them all. I could of easily just ordered them off the internet, but what fun is that?

shadows, target, sunset, long shadows, treesI like to take pictures of shadows and today I thought about some of the pictures I have taken in the past. I like all the shadows in this picture take at the local Target store.

Shadows and Reflections, Edo Castle, Gate, Moat, Tokyo, Reflection of ShadowThis picture taken in Tokyo, Japan at Edo Castle is one of my favorite shadow pictures. I also like how the shadow is reflected in the moat.

How accurate were the predictions from the groundhogs today? Time will tell.




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