The Way Home Begins

I will soon be starting my trip home.

Aalen, Ibis Hotel, GermanyThe first step of course is to finish packing my suitcase and then to checkout from the hotel.

Aalen Train Station, DB, German Train StationThen I will walk to the train station where I will catch a train toward Frankfurt and the airport.

High Speed Train, ICE, Germany, Train SystemMy first train will be a Regional train to Stuttgart where I will board an ICE train that stops at the airport in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt, FRA, Airport TerminalThis will be one of my views as I make my way from the train station to the terminal.

United 747, Last Flights, October 2017, 747 Phase OutI will then wait patiently for my flight home while relaxing in the Lufthansa Senator lounge. I receive an e-mail that my flight is already delayed, so will just get to spend a little more time at the airport.

Then I will have a 11 hour flight to SFO and a much shorter, but still long, drive home. At least traffic should not be too bad on a Saturday night 🙂


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