A Long Shortest Day

Depending on where you are in the world, today may have been the shortest day of the year. In Glasgow it was not the shortest day, but today is only one second longer than tomorrow which is the shortest day. The winter solstice is at 4:49 am tomorrow in Glasgow

Of course, when I use the term day in this post it refers to the time between sunrise and sunset.

Today in Glasgow sunrise was at 8:46 am and sunset was at 3:44 pm for a total daylight time of just under seven hours. This is the shortest day that I have experienced as it is the double witching point of being the farthest north for a complete day and being within a day of the winter solstice.

Tomorrow the day will be about 40 minutes longer for me since I am further south in the Midlands of England.

Glasgow Scotland, Rainy Day, Scotland country road

Today was also a rainy dreary day which made the day seem even shorter. There were only a few brief glimpses of sunshine today. The picture above was taken while we were on the way to our first customer. A drive on a narrow winding road in Scotland during a rain storm is an interesting experience.

Police Call Box, Tardis? Blue Call Box, Dr. WhoI couldn’t resist taking this picture. Is it a police call box or is it the TARDIS?

Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow, ScotlandWe did take a short driving tour of Glasgow between visits to customers. Here is a picture that I took of the Glasgow Cathedral. There is a lot of history here.

Glasgow, Scotland, Fish and Chips, Philadelphia Fish and ChipsFor lunch we stopped and had fish and chips. Much better and definitely much cheaper than what I had at Heathrow yesterday. See: Long Travel Day

Flybe, Airplane, Prop Plane, Glasgow to BirminghamIn the evening I took a flight from Glasgow to Birmingham. Here is the airplane that I flew on. It has been a long time since I have flown on a prop plane.

Be aware if you are traveling to Europe and flying a budget airline. Make sure you look closely at the fee structure for checked bags and other items. I paid more to check my bag than the guy sitting next to me paid for his round trip ticket. I guess that this applies anywhere in the world, but it just hit me here. Luckily, I can expense the charge.

The day was short, but the day was long.


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