Long Travel Day

Today was a long travel day. I made it to my hotel in Glasgow almost 23 hours after leaving home.

London Heathrow, British Airways, Long Layover

A six hour layover at Heathrow contributed to the long day. I flew to London on United Airlines, but had to switch to British Airways for the flight to Glasgow. This meant that I had more than a mile of walking and also a 20 minute bus ride to make it to my next flight. It did not take too long to get through customs and security, but I can imagine how nerve wracking it would be if you had a close connection.

Fish and chips, London, Heathrow, Layover DinnerI had some overpriced fish and chips for dinner at the airport. The dish did look nice and tasted good, but it was only a small portion. Especially for the price. You can get twice as much for less than half the cost outside the airport.

Boarding Flight, British Airways, Heathrow, Reflections

Here is an interesting picture that I took while heading down the escalator to board my flight. You can see the plane in the background, but also a nice reflection of me riding the escalator.

The boarding process was not fun as I was in the last group to board. I last flew with British Airways just over 15 years ago and also do not fly with any airlines that they are aligned with.

Of course it was impossible to keep memories of my last flights with British Airways out of my wandering thoughts, especially as I was at the airport where I spent the most time during the long ordeal. See: Remember September 11

Snack on Plane, British Airways, Glasgow, HeathrowWe did get a nice snack on the plane. I chose the Corkers chips that say they have a Natural British Crunch. They were good, but pretty much the same as any specialty chip you get in the US.

Luckily the flight was just over an hour, so the crowded plane with narrow seats and little leg room was bearable.

Hotel, Glasgow Airport, Holiday Inn ExpressI finally made it to my room at the hotel by the airport. The hotel does not even have a shuttle as it is only a couple blocks from the terminal.

Now to get some sleep to be rested for a long day tomorrow. Hopefully I will at least get a few pictures of Glasgow tomorrow before flying on to my next destination.


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