England from a Car

Today was a long day of traveling across the middle of England by car. We started in the West Midlands and traveled across to Lincolnshire in the East Midlands. Then it was back across to the West Midlands before ending up in a hotel for the night in Leicestershire.

West Midlands, Rainy Day, England, England by CarI was picked up at sunrise and we were on our way. The sky was dark and it rained on us most of the day. Here we are headed toward the east along one of the few major roads that we took.English Midlands, Country Road, England, Rainy dayMost of our travel was along two lane roads and we were often stuck behind slower moving traffic. However, the countryside was very scenic with hedgerows and stone walls lining our way.

Maddocks, English Farm House, Midlands, Scenic DriveHere was a farmhouse along the way. The sign to the barn area said Maddocks Farm, so I had to send this picture to my friends in Toronto. There were many interesting barns and buildings along the way, including a few large estates and some tumbledown barns.

England, Field, Green Field, MidlandsThere were also many green fields along the way that were planted with winter crops. This was taken during a lull in the rain, but you can see the threatening clouds in the sky.

Birmingham, England, Rainy Day, TrafficIt soon started to rain again and traffic slowed to a crawl. Here we are near Birmingham as we were getting near to the last customer of the day. Luckily we made it there in time to take care of them. This picture was taken at about 3:30 which is less than a half hour before the sun set. We were soon driving in the dark on very wet roads.

Today was the winter solstice in England, so it was the shortest day of the year. Of course, yesterday was a shorter day since I was much further north. See: A Long Shortest Day

Thankfully the forecast for tomorrow does not include any rain. Maybe I can get some good pictures.


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