While I was in Scotland I had to try what is know as “Scotland’s other national drink”. The national drink of Scotland is whiskey.

Irn-bru, Scottish Cola, Carbonated Beverage, Scotland's other national drink.Irn-Bru is a carbonated beverage, and is the number one seller in Scotland. It beats out Coke and Pepsi which is rare in any market around the world.

Irn-Bru is orange colored, but I did not really see the color since I drank it out of a can. I found the drink a bit sweet with a very strong taste. I had to drink it slow.

Philadelphia Restaurant, Glasgow, Scotland, Fish and Chips, Irn-BruWe picked up the Irn-Bru at the Philadelphia Fish and Chicken Bar which is considered by many to be the best chippy in Glasgow.

Glasgow, Scotland, Fish and Chips, Philadelphia Fish and ChipsHere is a picture of the counter man getting ready to wrap up my fish and chips. I used this picture in my post A Long Shortest Day.

Fish and Chips, Philadelphia Fish and Chicken Bar, Glasgow, ScotlandIt was raining so we went back to my colleagues car to enjoy our delicious lunch of fish and chips. The fish was really good. I would definitely put this near the top of my list of best fish and chips. Much better than what I got at the airport in London. See: Long Travel Day

Irn-Bru, Scotland, Soft Drink, Carbonated Beverage, Iron BrewHere is another picture of the Irn-Bru can. I first learned about this drink when we visited our first customer of the day. The customer and my colleague were talking about this being my first visit to Scotland. The customer said something about me making sure I tried something before I left. It took them both saying the name several times for me to understand what they were talking about. I am not too good with Scottish accents.

If you get a chance to try an Irn-Bru, don’t miss out. It definitely has a unique taste.



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