A Longer Shortest Day

This year I will have about two and a half more hours of daylight that I had last year on December 21.

Last year I was in Glasgow, Scotland on December 21. This year except for a very small area of the world near the International Date Line, the Solstice is on December 21.

That means that in the Northern Hemisphere it is the shortest day of the year and in the Southern Hemisphere it is the longest day of the year.

Glasgow Scotland, Rainy Day, Scotland country roadLast year in Glasgow we only had about 7 hours of daylight.ย  We left the hotel before the sun was up and by the time I made it to the airport for a late afternoon flight it was dark again.

December 21, sunrise, sunset, winter solsticeTomorrow here in California we will have 9 hours and 33 minutes between Sunrise and Sunset. I will at least get to drive in the daylight during my commute ๐Ÿ™‚

My post title is almost the same as what I used for last year. Last year my post was A Long Shortest Day as it was a long work day, especially after flying from California the previous day.

This year I just changed Long to Longer since the daylight hours would be longer. Hopefully it will not be a physically demanding although I have a full schedule of meetings tomorrow that start early. However, it will be the last day I work this week.

Irn-Bru, Scotland, Soft Drink, Carbonated Beverage, Iron BrewLast year was a bucket-list day which included visiting a new country and trying Irn-Bru for the first time.

Glasgow, Scotland, Fish and Chips, Philadelphia Fish and ChipsPerhaps I could find somewhere near my office to have Fish and Chips, but not as good as these.

Double-Double, Hamburger, In-N-Out, California, Best BurgerNot sure what I will have for lunch. Our company cafeteria is closed for the holidays. Perhaps I will go to In-N-Out and get a good burger.

Anyway, Scotland memories wandering through my head tonight, even though I was there less than 24 hours ๐Ÿ™‚

Now for some longer days until I head to England for the first two weeks of January.


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