A Short Day

Sunday is the shortest day of the year since it is the Winter Solstice.

I am so glad that the days will be getting longer again.

Winter Scene, Market Place, Jena, GermanyDuring my recent trip to Germany it felt like winter, but it is not officially winter until Sunday.

The picture above was taken several years ago and was in the winter time.

Christmas Market, Jena Germany, snow, Christmas TimeHowever, this is more what people think of as winter with the snow falling on the Christmas Market.

snow, jena, germany, walk to work, white viewsIn Jena I walked to work last week in the snow. But it was not yet winter.

Sister in Snow - 9 inch snow fall - Fun in the Cold - Winter sceneI am remembering tonight some winters of long ago. We had some very bad winters back in the mid 70’s in Iowa. Of course that was when we were worried about the pending Ice Age.

Glasgow Scotland, Rainy Day, Scotland country roadI am also thinking about the shortest every day that I have experienced.

I was in Glasgow, Scotland one year the day before the winter solstice. From sunrise to sunset was only 6 hours and 58 minutes.

See: A Long Shortest Day

Both today and tomorrow the day is only 9 hours and 33 minutes long here at home. I can just imagine how it would be if we were getting two and a half hours less daylight every day. I would be driving to and from work in the dark and not get any sunlight.

Now for longer days.


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